Johanna Amelie

Johanna Amelie is a Berlin based multi-instrumentalist, singer/ songwriter and composer. She cites Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell as her main influences. J.A. writes songs about anything that moves her, observing her own state of mind, romance, death, human behaviour and the world around her. In the past 4 years, Johanna Amelie has played more then 300 shows in Europe, in Ghana, Morocco and New Zealand, collaborating with international and local artists. She is signed to the London based Label "Zero Hours". J.A. produced her records „Cloud in A Room“ (2014), „Distance" (2017) and „One Moon“ (2018) at various studios in Berlin and London with artists of the local music scene (such as Gordon Raphael - producer of The Strokes, Moritz Krämer - die Höchste Eisenbahn, Matze Pröllochs - Me and My Drummer). In 2016, Johanna Amelie started 'V-Breakfast': a monthly meet up for female*  artists in Berlin. 

" I'm responsible for all sorts of communication, orders, promotion and I'm basically taking care of organizational things that need to be done to keep the project going. Due to the crisis, two of my tours and one festival gig were cancelled. That’s why I’ve got some time to focus on other nice projects here in Berlin like Daniel’s. I'm working on my own new album as well! It will be released this autumn. "