V O R A 

VORA is Deborah Morgenstern, a Berlin-based musician and illustrator .
She is the singer and guitarist of the PostPunk- Duo Clichée and has been experimenting with Ambient, Dark Wave and Shoegaze-sounds for her solo-project VORA since 2015.
Her passion for music and her multifaceted voice ar the constantly floating parts in her work.
As an illustrator she process art deco and comicstyle with a punkattitude, influenced by dark und intense music as well as poems and literatur .
Since her tour with Clichée , joining Daniel's Toiling Midgets across Europe in April 2020, got cancelled- she joined his project where she is working on the album layout and is responsible for the design of the homepage and newsletter, as well as co-organizing the office duties with Johanna.